Southampton Yomp and Chomp - Tour One £60
You can explore the old city walls that tell the tales of an ancient city and its fascinating past. You will see where the water from the river Anton would have lapped, forging the old city where wine and gold were once stored. You can taste the food that Anglo Saxons would have eaten, and taste the local ale and cider. You will visit some typically British pubs, one was once an ancient warehouse, also used a jail. At the other extreme, you can also visit a Grand Ballroom and eat Fish and Chips in style. You will taste some local culinary gems and understand why they have become part of British daily life. Find out more about the heritage of this ancient maritime city, book your place now.
Tea and Titanic £25
Focusing on the loss of the RMS Titanic which affected so many of the families of Southampton (a large proportion of crew members came from the city).  You can see where some of the crew members spent their last night before embarking, and by contrast where the First Class passengers spent the night before sailing onboard the ill-fated ship. Visit the pub where some of the filming of Titanic! took place and take cream tea in what was once the grand ballroom, now the Grand Cafe.


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