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In Southampton choose either Yomp and Chomp Four Hour Tasting Tour - £60 per guest
or Titanic and Tea Tour only £25 per guest.

We will walk from the Bargates into the old town where the ancient city walls bear witness to a venerable history. We will pass through the gate from whence the Pilgrim Fathers once boarded the Mayflower and the Speedwell to commence their hazardous journey across the Atlantic ocean. 


Try locally brewed Ale in an ancient pub with a connection to the Titanic movie. You can admire the ballroom of the Hotel where the first class guests spent their last night before embarking the ill fated RMS Titanic. On the return journey you will pass by the sailors home where many of the crew of the Titanic also spent their last night ashore. 

Tasty Weymouth - £40 per guest

You will take a walk  around the town and discover why this became the first British seaside resort. Try the local Dorset Apple cake and you will taste local freshly caught fish, hear about the English Civil war and the Black Death. 


Find out about Blue Vinny and meet Big Willie. In this venerable Weymouth public house, you'll hear  tales of murder afoot. In front of this fireplace the dangerous Hawkhurst Gang did their worst. Enjoy Black Dog ale and taste the delicious local Dorset produce.

A Small Bite of Weymouth - £12

Take a walk around town and hear the tales of old, stop for a a quick tasty treat here and there and absorb the seaside fun. Allow an hour.

For Purbeck Breezer customers, special offer £10 per person

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